Precision Resistance Wire

    1. Karma Resistance Wire (Ni-Cr-Al-Fe)The karma resistance wire (Ni-Cr-Al-Fe), as its name implements, is mainly made of copper, nickel, aluminum and iron. It has a wider working temperature range from -60 to 300℃ and three times higher resistivity than the manganin product. In addition, the wire offers low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), low thermal EMF against copper, as well as great anti-oxidation property and long term stability of resistance.
    1. Constantan Electrical Resistance WireThe constantan electrical resistance wire is a type of resistance alloy that is mainly produced using copper and nickel. It is primarily intended for making variable and strain resistance elements in AC instruments. The wire offers low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and can be used in a wide range of temperatures below 500 ℃. Additionally, it has good processability, weldability, and corrosion resistance.
    1. Manganin Type Heat Resistant WireMainly made using copper, manganese and nickel components, the manganin type heat resistant wire offers all the properties required for precision resistance material. For instance, it provides low temperature coefficient of resistance, low thermal EMF against copper, and great long-term stability of resistance. Today, the alloy wire is widely used in making resistance elements and shunt resistors for precision instruments.

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