Stranded Wire

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The stranded wire is composed of many strands of single alloy wire twisted together according to certain rules. Our company is capable of manufacturing a wide range of alloy stranded wires, including NiCr type, CuNi type, Karma type, Copper type, and Silver type. Our products can be used for various heating wires, like heating wire for car seat.

Common Specification
Product code Description Standard packing Specification
CX1201 19-Strand Nickel-Chrome Wire (80/20) 500m/roll Material:80% Nickel and 20% chromium
Overall Diameter: 2.83mm
Number of Strands:19strands, 19/0.56mm twisted together
CX1207 Nickel Cold Tail Wire 500m/roll Material: Pure Nickel
Overall Diameter:3.07mm
Number of Strands: 18/0.61mm +1/0.71mm,19strands twisted together

Size range: ≥0.02mm (3-1000 strands)

As an experienced stranded wire manufacturer and supplier in China, Senphus provides a wide range of products, including nickel chromium resistance wire, anti-freeze pipe heating cable, PVC heating wire, aluminum foil heater, and more.

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Resistance Wire for Electric Heater | Stranded Wire with Different Material | Stranded Wire | Copper Nickel Stranded Wire

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