Cu-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type T)

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The Cu-CuNi thermocouple wire (type T) is a base metal thermocouple product for low temperature measurement. The pure copper is used to make the positive leg Cu (TP), and the chemical composition of negative leg Constantan (TN) is 55% Copper and 45% Nickel. Although TN, EN and JN are all called Constantan, only TN and EN are interchangeable because they don't give the same EMF output curve as JN.

The Cu-CuNi thermocouple wire offers many great features, including good linearity, high EMF output, high temperature accuracy, sensitivity and stability. With an operating temperature range from -200 to 350 ℃, the product is recommended to be used within -200-0 ℃ range for better stability. The year stability is less than ±3 μV.

Thermocouple Range and Tolerance
Name Calibration type Grade Operating temperature range (℃) Temperature range (℃) Tolerance Standard
Long term Short term
Cu-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type T) T I 300 350 -40~350 ±0.5 ℃ or ±0.4%t GB/T2903
±1 ℃ or ±0.75%t
III -200~40 ±1 ℃ or ±1.5%t
* Operating temperature range (℃) is applicable to the product of Ø2.0mm

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