NiCr-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type E)

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The NiCr-CuNi thermocouple wire (type E) is also known as NiCr-Constantan thermocouple wire. Its positive leg NiCr (EP) is made by 90% nickel and 10% chromium, and the main chemical composition of negative leg Constantan (EN) is approximate 55% Cu and 45% Ni. In fact, there are very small amounts of other elements like Co, Mn, and Fe. EN, TN and JN are all called Constantan, and EN is interchangeable with TN. However, EN can not be replaced by JN due to different EMF output curve.

The NiCr-CuNi (constantan) thermocouple wire provides higher EMF output, better sensitivity, stability and oxidation resistance than similar Cu-Constantan and Fe-Constantan products. Hence, it is usually used to make thermopile to measure small temperature change. With a wide operating temperature range from -200 to 900 ℃, the product maintains good anti-corrosion property in an atmosphere of high humidity. The thermocouple is great for oxidizing or inert atmospheres, but it cannot be used directly in high temperature reducing atmosphere and atmosphere with sulphur gases.

Thermocouple Temperature Range and Tolerance
Name Calibration type Grade Operating temperature range (℃) Temperature range (℃) Tolerance Standard
Long term Short term
NiCr-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type E) E I 750 900 -40~800 +1.5℃ or +0.4%t GB/T4993
-40~900 +2.5℃ or +0.75%t
* Operating temperature range (℃) is applicable to the product of Ø3.2mm。

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