NiCr-Nisil Thermocouple Wire (Type K)

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The NiCr-Nisil thermocouple wire (type K) is one of our major products. Its positive leg NiCr (KP) is made by approximate 90 % nickel and 10 % chromium. The main chemical composition of negative leg NiSi (KN) is about 97 % Ni and 3 % Si.

The thermocouple wire is designed with an operating temperature range from -200 to 1300 ℃. Featuring high EMF against Platinum 67, great temperature accuracy, corrosion resistance, sensitivity and stability, the product becomes the most widely used base metal thermocouple for applications which require operating temperatures above 500 ℃. In fact, its use amount is equal to the total amount of all other metal thermocouples.

The NiCr-Nisil thermocouple wire can be used in a variety of oxidizing and inert atmospheres. However, it should not be used directly in sulphurous, weak oxidizing, reducing, or alternatively reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. In addition, long time using in vacuum is also not recommended.

Thermocouple Temperature Range and Tolerance
Name Calibration type Grade Operating temperature range (℃) Temperature range (℃) Tolerance Standard
Long term Short term
NiCr-Nisil Thermocouple Wire (Type K) K I 1200 1300 -40~1100 +1.5℃ or +0.4%t GB/T2614
-40~1300 +2.5℃ or +0.75%t
* Operating temperature range (℃) is applicable to the product of Ø3.2mm。

Senphus is an experienced NiCr-Nisil thermocouple wire (type K) manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as copper nickel alloy heating resistance wire, silicone rubber drum and pail heaters, and underfloor heating cable mat.

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