Nicrsil-NisilMg Thermocouple Wire (Type N)

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The Nicrsil-NisilMg thermocouple wire (type N) is the latest standardized base metal thermocouple product. The main chemical composition of the positive leg Nicrsi (NP) is 84.4 % nickel, 14.2 % chromium and 1.4 % silicon. The negative leg NisiMg (NN) is made by approximate 95.5 % nickel, 4.4 % silicon and 0.1 % magnesium.

With an operating temperature range from -200 to 1300 ℃, the Nicrsil-NisilMg thermocouple can be used in the similar atmospheres that type K thermocouple works. However, it overcomes the disadvantages of type K product. As it offers stable thermal EMF, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, and long life, the type N thermocouple is the ideal product for industries where temperature control and measurement are especially critical.

Note: The product can not be directly used in sulphurous, reducing, alternatively reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. In addition, please also avoid using it in vacuum or weak oxidizing atmosphere.

Thermocouple Temperature Range and Tolerance
Name Calibration type Grade Operating temperature range (℃) Temperature range (℃) Tolerance Standard
Long term Short term
Nicrsil-NisilMg Thermocouple Wire (Type N) N I 1200 1300 -40~1100 +1.5℃ or +0.4%t GB/T17615
-40~1300 +2.5℃ or +0.75%t
* Operating temperature range (℃) is applicable to the product of Ø3.2mm

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