Thermocouple Wire

    1. Cu-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type T)The Cu-CuNi thermocouple wire (type T) is a base metal thermocouple product for low temperature measurement. The pure copper is used to make the positive leg Cu (TP), and the chemical composition of negative leg Constantan (TN) is 55% Copper and 45% Nickel. Although TN, EN and JN are all called Constantan, only TN and EN are interchangeable because they don't give the same EMF output curve as JN.
    1. Fe-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type J)The Fe-CuNi thermocouple wire (type J) is sometimes also referred to as Fe-constantan thermocouple wire. The chemical composition for positive leg Fe (JP) is pure Iron, and Copper-Nickel alloy (Cu: Ni≈ 55%: 45%) is used to make the negative leg Constantan (JN). Although JN, EN and TN are all called Constantan, JN is not interchangeable with EN and TN because of different EMF output curve.
    1. NiCr-CuNi (Constantan) Thermocouple Wire (Type E)The NiCr-CuNi (constantan) thermocouple wire provides higher EMF output, better sensitivity, stability and oxidation resistance than similar Cu-Constantan and Fe-Constantan products. Hence, it is usually used to make thermopile to measure small temperature change. With a wide operating temperature range from -200 to 900 ℃, the product maintains good anti-corrosion property in an atmosphere of high humidity.
    1. NiCr-Nisil Thermocouple Wire (Type K)The thermocouple wire is designed with an operating temperature range from -200 to 1300 ℃. Featuring high EMF against Platinum 67, great temperature accuracy, corrosion resistance, sensitivity and stability, the product becomes the most widely used base metal thermocouple for applications which require operating temperatures above 500 ℃. In fact, its use amount is equal to the total amount of all other metal thermocouples.
    1. Nicrsil-NisilMg Thermocouple Wire (Type N)The Nicrsil-NisilMg thermocouple wire (type N) is the latest standardized base metal thermocouple product. The main chemical composition of the positive leg Nicrsi (NP) is 84.4 % nickel, 14.2 % chromium and 1.4 % silicon. The negative leg NisiMg (NN) is made by approximate 95.5 % nickel, 4.4 % silicon and 0.1 % magnesium.

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