Heating Resistance Wire and Ribbon

    1. Copper Nickel Alloy Heating Resistance WireThe copper nickel alloy heating resistance wire provides low electrical resistance, great weldability, workability, and high anti-corrosion properties. It is ideally suited for making key components in thermal overload relay, low voltage circuit breaker, and household appliance. In addition, it is an indispensable material for underfloor heating cable.
    1. Nickel Chromium Resistance WireHigh electrical resistivity, good anti-oxidation, wear resistance, great workability and weldability, as well as high strength under high temperatures, make it possible for the nickel chromium resistance wire and nickel-chrome-iron alloy wire to become the most popular products in the high resistance alloy field. Currently, these wire products are extensively used for making electrical heating elements, voltage regulator resistors and braking resistors in many industries, like the metallurgical, chemical, machinery, glass, ceramics, and household appliances.
    1. Pure Nickel Wire and Monel Alloy WireThe Monel alloy wire is best known for its outstanding corrosion resistance property, in addition to high strength and other mechanical properties. This alloy is extensively used for making anti-corrosion components in the nuclear, petrochemical, and other industries. If a special solder is needed for welding marine propeller, impeller, pump spindle, etc., the product is also a good choice.
    1. PTC Thermistor Alloy Resistance WireThe PTC thermistor alloy resistance wire provides medium resistivity and high positive temperature coefficient of resistance. In addition, it is durable and long lasting. The PTC alloy wire is widely used in a variety of electrical heaters with automatic temperature control and power adjustment capacities.
    1. Nitinol Wire The product is a type of shape memory alloy which can automatically return to its original shape from its plastically deformed shape at a given temperature. It offers many advantages. For instance, its stretching rate is higher than 20 %, and the fatigue life reaches 1*107. In addition, the nitinol wire provides 10 times higher damping capacity than normal spring and better corrosion resistance than the best medical stainless steel available.
    1. Stranded WireThe stranded wire is composed of many strands of single alloy wire twisted together according to certain rules. Our company is capable of manufacturing a wide range of alloy stranded wires, including NiCr type, CuNi type, Karma type, Copper type, and Silver type. Our products can be used for various heating wires, like heating wire for car seat.
    1. Thermocouple Compensating and Extension WireOur company produces a great variety of thermocouple compensating and extension wires, including KX, NX, EX, JX, TX, SC/RC, KCA, KCB and WRENC types. Our products are made in accordance with national standard GB/T 4990-2010 Alloy Wires of Extension and Compensating Cables for Thermocouples or international standard IEC584-3 Thermocouple Part III-Compensating Wire.

Senphus is a specialized heating resistance wire and ribbon manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including heating wire, underfloor heating product, heating cable, and heating pad, among others.

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