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The Teflon heating wire is made in accordance with UL1929, UL1930 and UL10308 standards. The standard product color is white, but others are possible. Featuring great electrical insulating ability, flexibility, and heat conductivity, the wire is used in a variety of defrosting, thermal insulation, condensation prevention, and heating applications. It is typically found in refrigerating machines, medical apparatus, electric cooker, cold storage, electrically heated blanket and cushion.

General Information
Voltage temperature: 200 ℃
Rated voltage: 300 V-600 V


Conductor: single conductor alloy or resistance wires twist into a spiral on fiberglass, aramid fiber. Insulation: FEP, PFA

Technical Parameters
Item Performance index Instruction
Teflon insulation Tensile strength ≥ 17.2Mpa UL1581
Elongation ≥ 150%
Minimum average thickness ≥ 0.25mm
Finished wire Hot deformation test ≤ 50% UL standard
Spark test No spark-over 4.0KV/0.15sec
Conductor resistance Nominal value +10%/-5%
Resistance scope 1--10000 ohm/m
O.D. of finished product 0.5---3.0+/-0.15mm Other O.D. is possible.
Length per coil 100---500m

1-Conductor: Alloy wire
2-Insulation polymer: FEP
3-Bunching copper: 7 tinned copper wires
4-Foil Mylar: Shielding
5-Outer jacket: FEP

As a specialized Teflon heating wire manufacturer and supplier in China, Senphus also provides nickel chromium resistance wire, Kapton flexible heater, heating cable with transformer, and snow melting heating cable, among others.

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