Heating Wire

    1. PVC Heating WireThe PVC heating wire offers a combination of great properties, including electrical insulating ability, flexibility, and heat conductivity. It has wide applications in electric cushion, electric cloth, animal pet, jade mattress, electric shoes, electric massage armchair, car windows, and electric towel rack, and so on. In addition, the wire can also be used in air conditioner, refrigerator, cooler and other equipment to prevent the formation of condensation on surfaces.
    1. Silicone Rubber Heating WireOur silicone rubber heating wire is manufactured with high quality and stable property in mind. It will surely meet and exceed customers' expectations in terms of electrical insulating ability, flexibility, and excellent heat conductivity. Therefore, please feel secure in purchasing this product.
    1. Teflon Heating WireThe Teflon heating wire is made in accordance with UL1929, UL1930 and UL10308 standards. The standard product color is white, but others are possible. Featuring great electrical insulating ability, flexibility, and heat conductivity, the wire is used in a variety of defrosting, thermal insulation, condensation prevention, and heating applications. It is typically found in refrigerating machines, medical apparatus, electric cooker, cold storage, electrically heated blanket and cushion.
    1. Far Infrared Heating WireThese types of product have similar technical parameters and applications. As our wire product is highly flexible, electrically insulating, and thermally conductive, it is extensively used for far infrared cushion, infrared cloth, infrared fomentation pad, swimming pool heating, underfloor heating, electric waistband, and medical massage apparatus. Although the standard product color is white, other colors are also possible.
    1. Nonmagnetic Heating Wire/CableOur products are highly flexible, and offer good electrical insulating ability as well as heat conductivity. As a result, they have wide applications in many fields. Our Teflon type is widely used as the internal wire for hairpin heater, electric cushion, jade mattress, electric thermal cloth, electric massage armchair, medical cosmetology apparatus, and more.
    1. Constant Wattage Heating Wire/CableThe constant wattage silicone rubber heating wire SH-SR-20 is highly flexible, electrically insulating and thermally conductive, which makes it suitable for defrosting, heat preservation, anti-freezing as well as heating applications. The product is typically used for cold rooms, refrigerating apparatus, medical equipment, greenhouses, and pipes.

Heating Wire
Our company provides a wide range of heating wire products, including PVC type, silicone rubber type, Teflon type, constant wattage type, nonmagnetic type, and far infrared type. If you are looking for high quality and competitively priced insulated resistance wires accompanied by dependable service, we can satisfy your requirements.

Our heater wires incorporate many great properties, such as good electrical insulating ability, flexibility and good heat conductivity. As a result, they are increasingly used in a variety of applications. For instance, they are used in medical apparatus for heat preservation purpose and in domestic, commercial refrigeration applications to avoid the formation of condensation on surfaces.

To ensure successful use of the product, customers should pay attention to the following three critical factors:
1. Proper selection of the resistance to provide the desired wattage.
2. Choosing the appropriate style of wire.
3. Proper installation in the application.

Proper Selection of Resistance
Our heating wire can be customized in terms of the resistance measured in ohms per meter. The resistance value depends on the watts per meter and voltage available in customer's application. The amount of heat or wattage required will vary according to the actual use and design.

Proper Installation
Customers should keep many factors in mind during product installation. The most important one is a good thermal transfer between the wire and the surface to be heated. There are two major ways to install the heating wire: one is taping it directly to the surface, and the other is bonding it to aluminum foil and then securing the self adhering foil to the surface. The foil bonding design could ensure proper spacing of the heater wire, good heat distribution, and make installation easier.

Please avoid sharp edges and corners when laying the product in grooves or channels around door perimeters. Otherwise, the wire will be cut or abraded. However, customers can use fiberglass or aluminum braid over it to prevent surface abrasion. Metal or plastic channels can be used, and lining the grooves in wooden door frames with aluminum tape will provide abrasion protection and help reflect heat outward toward the surface to be heated.

In case that multiple passes of wire are used, customers should keep them apart to avoid contact. If the wire should cross itself, the effective wattage at that point is doubled, which may result in hotspot or burnout.

Senphus is a specialized heating wire manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including heating cable, heating pad, heating resistance wire and ribbon, and underfloor heating cable, among others.

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