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Our company provides high quality underfloor heating cable mats that are made using reliable equipment and qualified materials, like copper from Chile and the nickel from Jinchuan, a famous nickel production base. Our products are manufactured in various power ratings, including 100 w/m2 for timber subfloor, 150/160 w/m2 for concrete floors, and 200 w/m2 for conservatories. They can accommodate a wide voltage range from 110 V to 240 V.

Using our heating cable mat to make a warm floor underfoot, customers will surely enjoy working on the floor surface in any room. Compared with loose cable system, our product allows easier, quicker installation and has regulated cable widths, ensuring an even heat spread without hot or cold spots.

If you are refurbishing rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, or others, our product is an ideal underfloor heating solution as it offers many advantages, like fast heat up time, small thickness of 3 mm, flexible cutting and turning, no electro magnetic field, as well as high safety. Additionally, it is easy to control with advanced digital thermostat. To give customers peace of mind, we back our product with a ten year warranty.

To make customers better understand our thin and flexible underfloor heating cable mats, we give some detailed information as follows:
1 Twin core heating cable with black cold lead
2 Size is available from 1 to 12 sqm coverage
3 Teflon/PVC/FEP insulation for long service life
4 Tinned copper earth braid

Each kit includes
1 Underfloor heating cable mat stitched on self-adhesive mesh
2 Digital, fully programmable thermostat with built in timer
3 Floor sensor

SHDN Type Rated power Resistance at 20℃+10/-5% Mat size Length
W Ω m m
SHDN00075 SHDN-160-1.0M2 160 302.5 0.5X2.0 11.1
SHDN00076 SHDN-160-1.5M2 240 201.7 0.5X3.0 16.65
SHDN00077 SHDN-160-2.0M2 320 151.3 0.5X4.0 22.2
SHDN00078 SHDN-160-2.5M2 400 121.0 0.5X5.0 27.75
SHDN00079 SHDN-160-3.0M2 480 100.8 0.5X6.0 33.3
SHDN00080 SHDN-160-3.5M2 560 86.4 0.5X7.0 38.85
SHDN00081 SHDN-160-4.0M2 640 75.6 0.5X8.0 44.4
SHDN00082 SHDN-160-4.5M2 720 67.2 0.5X9.0 49.95
SHDN00083 SHDN-160-5.0M2 800 60.5 0.5X10.0 55.5
SHDN00084 SHDN-160-6.0M2 960 50.4 0.5X12.0 66.6
SHDN00085 SHDN-160-7.0M2 1120 43.2 0.5X14.0 77.7
SHDN00086 SHDN-160-8.0M2 1280 37.8 0.5X16.0 88.8
SHDN00087 SHDN-160-9.0M2 1440 33.6 0.5X18.0 99.9
SHDN00088 SHDN-160-10.0M2 1600 30.3 0.5X20.0 111
SHDN00099 SHDN-160-12.0M2 1920 25.2 0.5X24.0 133.2

Our company is a specialized underfloor heating cable mat manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including silicone rubber heating wire, stranded wire, roof and gutter de-icing cable, Kapton flexible heater, and much more.

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