Underfloor Heating

    1. Underfloor Heating CableOur product is suitable for nearly all types of floor surfaces, such as tile, marble, wood, concrete, or others. It is manufactured in different linear power so as to meet all the wattage requirements of different types of rooms. In addition, it allows easy installation, regardless of the room size or shape.
    1. Underfloor Heating Cable MatOur company provides high quality underfloor heating cable mats that are made using reliable equipment and qualified materials, like copper from Chile and the nickel from Jinchuan, a famous nickel production base. Our products are manufactured in various power ratings, including 100 w/m2 for timber subfloor, 150/160 w/m2 for concrete floors, and 200 w/m2 for conservatories. They can accommodate a wide voltage range from 110 V to 240 V.

As a China-based underfloor heating product manufacturer and supplier, Senphus provides a wide array of products, including heating cable, heating resistance wire and ribbon, heating pad, and heating wire, and others.

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