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When temperatures drop below freezing, water pipelines and process pipe systems will face the problem of frozen pipe. After thawing, users will realize the damage a split or cracked water pipe can cause. Hence, frost protection of pipes is needed. Our anti-freeze pipe heating cable, which helps maintain the required temperature in water pipes, is a reliable heating solution.

Our product can effectively prevent frost damages and keep liquids floating at all outside temperatures. It comes with a patented splice, insulated cover and a metal clad sheath to ensure product long service life. Available in a wide power range, our heating cable is great for any residential, commercial or heavy industrial application.

Technical Parameters
No. Description Power(w) Color Voltage
1 1m 17 black 230v
2 2m 32 black 230v
3 4m 64 black 230v
4 8m 128 black 230v
5 12m 192 black 230v
6 14m 224 black 230v
7 18m 288 black 230v
8 24m 384 black 230v
9 37m 592 black 230v
10 49m 784 black 230v
Note: 16w/m; power cord:2m, 230v, thermostat: ON: 6 ± 3 ℃ OFF: 13 ± 3 ℃

Senphus is an experienced anti-freeze pipe heating cable manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer roof and gutter de-icing cable, nickel chromium resistance wire, silicone rubber heating wire, silicone rubber heating pad, and more.

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