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10W/M Heating Cable with Transformer
1. Product construction, from inside to outside
Resistance alloy wires, their sizes depend on desired circuit length (Resistance +10% / -5%).
PVC insulation, black with RED strip on heating core side
Cable is flat with no printing mark.
2. Power cable with plug
2-pin European standard plug with H05VV-F 2X0.75mm2 cable which is 1.5 m long.
3. Cold lead
Cable type is H05RN-F 2X1.0mm2 and length is 0.4 m between heating cable and transformer.
4. Heating cable to cold lead connection by means of crimp connection and heat shrink insulation.
Product end seal is made of crimp connection and heat shrink insulation.
5. Transformer
Input Voltage: 230Vac, Output safety voltage to protect human and animals from high voltage damage if an accident occurs.

1. Power cable with 2-pin plug
2. Transformer
3. Cold lead
4. Connection
5. Heating cable
6. Endseal

Product length Power Power supply
m W Vac
2.2 23 230
2.7 28 230
3.2 33 230
3.7 39 230
4.7 49 230
4.9 47 230
5.8 58 230
7.2 72 230
7.9 79 230

1. This heating product don't have thermostat inside, so please pull out plug when heating is unnecessary.
2. Avoid plugging in when the product is coiled.
3. Don't physically alter heating cable in any way. Otherwise, the product will be irreparable. For instance, making it shorter will result in overheat problem.
4. The entire product must be in contact with pipe.
5. Do not install the same cable on different pipe.
6. Prevent the product from touching, crossing or overlapping itself at any point.

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