Heating Cable

    1. Anti-Freeze Pipe Heating CableWhen temperatures drop below freezing, water pipelines and process pipe systems will face the problem of frozen pipe. After thawing, users will realize the damage a split or cracked water pipe can cause. Hence, frost protection of pipes is needed. Our anti-freeze pipe heating cable, which helps maintain the required temperature in water pipes, is a reliable heating solution.
    1. Roof and Gutter De-Icing CableThe de-icing cable is designed to prevent ice buildup on roofs, gutters, and downspouts. When properly installed and operated, this product will create a path for draining melted snow or ice from the roof to the ground.
    1. Heating Cable With TransformerProduct construction, from inside to outside
      Resistance alloy wires, their sizes depend on desired circuit length (Resistance +10% / -5%).
      PVC insulation, black with RED strip on heating core side
      Cable is flat with no printing mark.

As a professional heating cable manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a broad range of products that includes heating pad, heating resistance wire and ribbon, heating wire, and more.

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