Cabinet Heater

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The cabinet heater is designed for thermal insulation, heating and dehumidifying of various kinds of cabinets and boxes, like lighting cabinet, switch cabinet, communication cabinet, computer case, anti-flocculation box, as well as other many instruments and meters.

Structural Benefits
1. The cabinet heater uses nichrome wire inside for quick heating, high efficiency and long life.
2. The insulating property of the product is well guaranteed by the double insulations of moisture proof silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber.
3. Thanks to the auxiliary heat radiation of aluminum sheet, the product achieves improved thermal efficiency and prolonged service life.

Product Specification
Model SHSR-50 SHSR-100 SHSR-150
Dimensions(mm) 9 0 ×150 120 ×185 150 ×200
Rated power(w) 50 100 150

Voltage: 220 v
Dielectric strength: 2000 v/min
Insulation resistance: >50 MΩ
Temperature resistance: -250 ℃

Range of Application
Anti-fog heater for the
lens of the security camera
Anti-freeze heater for oil pressure cylinder in constructive
machinery in cold areas
Anti-freeze heater
for parabolic antennas
Anti-freeze heater for pumps

Carbage disposer (Organis fermentation heating ) Stabilization of MRI
magnetic field
Heating and heat preservation
of water in medical equipment

Senphus is a specialized cabinet heater manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides etched foil heating plate, Nicrosil-Nisil thermocouple wire (type N), underfloor heating cable mat, PVC heating wire, and much more.

Related Names:
Enclosure Heating Pad | Anti Condensation Heater

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