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The silicone rubber heating plate is thin and lightweight, which can be easily and flexibly installed through methods such as bonding, bundling, etc. It is used for effectively and uniformly heating various objects, regardless the shape and size. The silicone rubber used offers high insulation properties and long life.

1. The silicone rubber heating plate can provide anti-freeze protection for a variety of instruments and equipment.
2. It is suitable for medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heater, drying machine, etc.
3. It is used for outdoor communication devices, such as camera lens defroster, etc.
4. The product can be used in vulcanized plastic film forming application.
5. The heating plate is suitable for car fuel tank, cooling water tank insulation and glass defrosting.
6. It can also be used for power distribution cabinet, small room dehumidification, etc.

Technical Specifications
1. Temperature Level
Continuous use temperature 200 ℃
Maximum temperature (short period) 250 ℃

2. Electrical Characteristics
Tolerance ± 10%
Insulation resistance 750MΩ
Withstand voltage 2000v/min

3. Sizes
Maximum 4000mm ×1500mm
Minimum 30 mm ×50 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm

Range of Application
Heater for machine oil pressure unit Heater for silicon resin heating plate Heating plate for drying for cloth-weaving Heating plates for coffee makers
Heating pressures for shaping musical instruments plywood Defrostation of the photoelectric sensor in the refrigerator
Prevention of moisture condensation on the air cylinder Kitchen garbage disposal
Damp prevention for large-sized silo Photographic fixing for the toner of the high speed copying machine Heater used for the pipeline Heating for the oil pressure cylinder of the construction machinery in cold environment
Damp prevention for the dust collector Preheating for the decontamination container Damp prevention for the rice polisher Heating for the exhaust pipe and the metal piping
Preheating for the part jointed by solvent cement Heat preservation for the valve of the silo used for holding raw concrete Heating purpose during three-ply board production process
Heat preservation for the oil pressure unit

Heating for the plate of electric iron Heating for the plate of bookbinding machine

As a specialized silicone rubber heating plate manufacturer and supplier in China, Senphus also provides Kapton flexible heater, anti-freeze pipe heating cable, far infrared heating wire, and constantan electrical resistance wire, among others.

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