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The etched foil heating plate adopts the heat conductor made of etched or laser engraved alloy foil. Hence, the heater is softer, more accurate in shape and size. Batch production is available.

With high power density of 3-5w/c㎡, the heating plate ensures fast heating. In addition, the temperature distribution is uniform and it can be changed to suit the requirements for different temperature in different regions.

Technical Specifications
1. Temperature Level
Continuous use temperature 200 ℃
Maximum temperature (short period) 250 ℃

2. Electrical Characteristics
Tolerance ± 10%
Insulation resistance 750MΩ
Withstand voltage 2000v/min

3. Sizes
Maximum 500 mm ×1500mm
Minimum 25 mm ×50 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm

Range of Application
Damp prevention and heating for large silos Dryer's heater Dust collector hopper (For the dehumidifying of power) Heater for barrels and hoses
Heater for drying paraffin for cloth-drying machine Furnace of the dry conveyor Heat preservation metal plate for coffee and black tea Prevention of vagueness of camera lens set outdoors
Prevention of vagueness of camera lens set outdoors Earthware hot water bottle for business use Prevention of moisture condensation of the vapor-removing device Heating metal plate used in experiment
Heat preservation for the liquid infusion and distribution mechanism

As a professional etched foil heating plate manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a wide array of products, including aluminum foil heater, silicone rubber heating wire, underfloor heating cable, nickel chromium resistance wire, and much more.

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