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The silicone rubber heater can make the liquid or coagulum in the drum or pail be easily taken out by heating, like adhesives, grease, asphalt, oil paint, paraffin, oil, and various resin raw materials. Heating the drum or pail can reduce the viscosity and make the pump power decrease. As a result, the equipment can be used all the year, regardless the change of seasons.

Our silicone rubber drum and pail heater is equipped with a transducer on the surface. This allows direct control of the temperature through temperature regulating. In addition, the product can be wrapped on the object surface directly, resulting in easy assembly and disassembly. If customers want to shorten the heating time, they can achieve it by using three heaters simultaneously on one drum.


Drum heater (200L) Drum heater (20L) Drum heater (200L)
Size 250m m ×1740mm 200mm ×860mm 125mm ×1740mm
Volume 220v 2000w 220v 800w 220v 1000w
Thermo regulation 30 ℃~150 ℃
Weight About 1.5 kg About 0.5 kg About 0.8 kg

1. The heater is widely used for heating, heat tracing and heat preservation of drums, pails, pipelines, valves, etc.
2. It is suitable for dissolution of ceresin wax, to avoid Paraffin in winter.

Range of Application
Hot pressures for clothing manufacturer ,electric blankets , printing plywood Kleater for aircraft wings Magnetic stabilizing heater for Mr Scanner Preheating devlus for peeling coating off the gas pipes
Preheating devlus for welding piers Moisture preservation of the round barrel

Our company is an experienced silicone rubber drum and pail heaters manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer cabinet heater, monel alloy wire and pure nickel wire, roof and gutter de-icing cable, PVC heating wire, and more.

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