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The Kapton flexible heater, sometimes known as polyimide flexible heater, is a translucent or transparent electric heating film. Its upper and lower surfaces are Kapton, Teflon or silicone rubber film. The resistive circuit between the surfaces is made using special alloy foil. This product presents many advantages over wire heating structure products, like evener thermal field, shorter heating time, faster response, longer service life, and more.

The product is designed with wide working voltage range from 1 V to 100 V. According to the heated parts, the Kapton flexible heater can be made of various different heating loops, such as heating type and thermal insulation type. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and power, our product can suit customers' diverse requirements. It is especially great for applications with space and weight limitations.

1. Our Kapton flexible heater is quite light, highly thin with maximum thickness of 0.25 mm, and extremely soft with minimum bending radius of 0.8mm or so. Hence, it can be bent in accordance with the parts shape to ensure full and close contact, thus maximizing the heat transfer and reducing operating costs.
2. The insulating film, as a protective layer, has very low saturation vapor pressure, low gas discharge, good anti-bacterial properties as well as high resistance to oils, chemicals, solvents and radiation. This, coupled with good stability, insulativity and safety, makes the product ideal for heating and anti-freezing of artificial satellite, space equipment and transfer equipment in harsh environments.
3. Due to the planar heating method, great surface power load is available, which can up to 7.8w/c㎡. Therefore, this product can achieve evener and quicker heating results.
4. The Kapton heater can be easily integrated with the temperature controller or a sensor. With small thermal inertia and high precision temperature control, the product can meet different heating temperature and power requirements in different parts of the area.
5. Products with PSA adhesive are more convenient and quicker to install ( for 1w/c㎡ and 2w/c㎡).

Senphus is a professional Kapton flexible heater manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including black rubber heating pad, nickel chromium resistance wire, PVC heating wire, anti-freeze pipe heating cable, and more.

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