Heating Pad

    1. Black Rubber Heating PadThe black rubber heating pad uses PVC or silicone rubber heater inside, with power cable. Quality built, it can be placed outside in low temperature and humid conditions. Designed with water and oil handling capacity, the product can be used for keeping animal warm and promoting growth of vegetable, plant, and so on.
    1. Kapton Flexible HeaterThe product is designed with wide working voltage range from 1 V to 100 V. According to the heated parts, the Kapton flexible heater can be made of various different heating loops, such as heating type and thermal insulation type. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and power, our product can suit customers' diverse requirements. It is especially great for applications with space and weight limitations.
    1. Aluminum Foil Heater1. The aluminum foil heater is easy to mount. Self-adhesive backing is optional.
      2. Power density is adjustable to provide low keep-warm temperatures and can reach a maximum rated temperature of 130 ℃.
      3. If needed, the temperature limiters with pre-set switch points can be equipped for temperature control purpose.

As a China-based heating pad manufacturer and supplier, Senphus offers a broad range of products that includes heating resistance wire and ribbon, underfloor heating product, heating wire, heating cable, and more.

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