Four Major Reasons That Make Underfloor Heating Unsuitable for Solid Wood Flooring

Reason One: Due to high moisture content, the solid wood flooring has easy deformation problem. Even without underfloor heating system, the problem may still occur as a result of improper laying and maintenance.

Reason Two: Although the solid wood flooring has many advantages, it is inconvenient to use and maintain. The underfloor heating will make the use and maintenance more difficult. Considering the floor adaptation process, users should increase or reduce the temperature by one degree once.

Reason Three: The solid wood flooring has relatively lower thermal conductivity than natural stone, tile, composite or laminate wood floor. The lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the operating cost.

Reason Four: Using keels in installing solid wood flooring will reduce the thermal efficiency. In addition, driving nails into the floor is a great threat to the heating system.