Heating Cable Installation Tips

When installing our heating cables, please keep the following tips in mind. If any product problem or loss occurs due to improper installation, we will be not responsible for it.

1. When laying our heating cable, please do not cover the levering layer with any damp-proof film.
2. Don’t cut the cable.
3. The distance between cables should be greater than 5 cm.
4. During installation, please avoid covering objects with poor heat dissipation on the ground where the heating cables are laid, like carpet or furniture without legs.
5. The cold side connector and tail of the heating cable must be placed just below the thermostat.
6. The bathroom must be first treated with a waterproof layer before underfloor heating construction, and the cold side connector and tail of the cable should be away from humid places, like closestool or shower.
7. The ground temperature probe should not exceed 55 ℃. Dual temperature dual control thermostat is recommended.
8. Prevent the heating cable from crossing during installation.
9. Lay the cable in an arc form, instead of right angle form.
10. Don’t stretch or bend cable connector and tail during installation.
11. Conform to related standards in terms of installed power, insulation, etc.