Senphus Heating Cable without Electromagnetic Radiation

Senphus dual conductor dual heating cable is a heating cable without electromagnetic (EM) radiation. It uses two copper-nickel alloy wires to heat simultaneously, and the heating power of each wire is 9 W/m. So, the total heating power of the cable is 18 W/m.

The current acting on two alloy conductors generates radiation reaction force to counteract the electromagnetic field. During this time, the electromagnetic field in the radiation coupling state, coupled with aluminum foil, allows realization of shielding. The electromagnetic field is available in multiple directions. The electromagnetic radiation of Senphus dual conductor dual heating cable is within 0.7 mG in the horizontal and longitudinal tests. When measured at a distance of 20 cm from the ground, the ground power density is 180 W/㎡. And the radiation is 0.2 mG when measured at a distance of 1 m from the ground. The International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) takes 0.1 mT as the admissible value of magnetic flux density for people exposed to radiation all day. 0.1 mT is equal to 1 mG. This means our cable product is safe to use.

The following are some standards in different areas.

The regulations for electromagnetic radiation protection stipulate the occupational exposure and public exposure derived limit: the power density of EM radiation should not exceed 20 uW/cm2. The power density should be lower than 40 uW/cm2 in living environment. Among home appliances, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners and mobile phones have relatively stronger EM radiation, which could reach 200 mG.

The Swiss requires that the EM radiation of electrical appliances 2 meters away should be within 2 mG.

Given below are radiation data of some hone appliances.
Home appliances Measure radiation intensity from 20 cm. Measure radiation intensity from 100 cm. Measure radiation intensity from 200 cm. Appliance power
Dual conductor dual heating underfloor heating ≤0.7 mG 0.2 mG 0.2 mG 180W/ ㎡
Other single conductor underfloor heating ≥20 mG ≥10 mG ≥5 mG 180W/ ㎡
Microwave oven ≥40 mG ≥5 mG ≤0.2 mG 3000W
TV with phosphor screen ≥4 mG ≥0.5 mG ≤0.2 mG 450W
LCD TV ≥3 mG ≤0.2 mG ≤0.2 mG 450W
Computer LCD ≥0.3 mG ≤0.2 mG ≤0.2 mG 200W
Mobile phone ≥0.4 mG ≤0.2 mG ≤0.2 mG
Electric heating film ≥20 mG 0.2 mG 0.2 mG 120W/ ㎡
Carbon crystal underfloor heating ≥20 mG 0.2 mG 0.2 mG 120W/ ㎡

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection
People who don't know much about EM radiation may be usually worried about the influence of the radiation on their health. In fact, EM radiation is not such a horrible thing. Nearly all electrical appliances generate the radiation and it is impossible for us to avoid it in our daily life. We should know that only when the radiation intensity exceeds a given limit can result in negative effects. We can minimize these effects by keeping the electromagnetic source away from us. Here we give some safe distances between people and office or home appliances: 2 to 3 meters for TVs, fluorescent tubes, over 1 meter for microwave oven. Especially please keep the microwave oven as far away from pregnant women and children as possible. In addition, people should pay attention to the EM radiation pollution in their residential area. Due to the real estate development and urban renewal, some transmitting centers, high voltage cables and other facilities formerly located in suburbs may be built around the residence, which causes serious radiation pollution problem.

Electromagnetic Radiation Has the Following Six Main Hazards:
1. Electromagnetic radiation may be one of the causes of children leukemia. Medical studies have proven that staying long in a strong electromagnetic radiation environment would result in changes in blood, lymph and cellular protoplasm. Italian experts have found that the electromagnetic radiation pollution due to high voltage cables is the major cause for leukemia in over 400 children yearly in their country.
2. 1. The WHO has warned that the EM waves have the possibility of causing cancer. EM radiation pollution can affect the human circulatory system, immune, and metabolic function, or even induce cancers and accelerate the proliferation of cancer cells. The research data provided by Swiss institute show that residents living near high-voltage lines have 7.4 times higher probability of developing breast cancer than people far away from these lines. In addition, the American Texas Medical Foundation of Cancer has conducted sampling test on patients suffering from electromagnetic radiation damage and the test results indicate that the cancer cell growth rate of those working near high-voltage lines is 24 times faster.
3. The radiation can affect human reproductive system, which may reduce men sperm quality, as well as cause the occurrence of spontaneous abortions and fetal malformations.
4. It can lead to children intellectual disability. According to the latest survey result, in China, each year there are 250,000 children have intellectual disability problem among 20 million newly born ones. Some experts believe that EM radiation is one of the factors that cause this problem. The World Health Organization has warned the EM radiation from computers, televisions, mobile phones have an adverse effect on the fetus.
5. It can influence people's cardiovascular system, which is shown by palpitation, insomnia, menstrual disorders, bradycardia, sinus arrhythmia, neutropenia, and decreased immune function. If the patients with cardiac pacemaker are exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation, the function of the pacemaker may be affected.
6. It has an adverse effect on people's vision system. As eyes are organs highly sensitive to electromagnetic waves, excessive radiation pollution may cause decreased vision, cataracts, or even damage the human body's biological current and biomagnetic field. People of different ages have different abilities to withstand electromagnetic radiation. The elderly, children, pregnant women especially need radiation protection.