We offer our customers comprehensive services so they can feel secure in their purchase. For instance, we provide a one year warranty on silicone rubber heating pads, a two year warranty on thermostats, and a ten year warranty on standard heating cables and heating cable mats. To validate the warranty the necessary form included in the shipped goods must be filled in and send to us. In addition, we can make non-standard products according customers’ requirements. Product samples and OEM service are also available.

Q: Can I install the product myself?
A: Yes, the mat is very easy to install, but the route of the mat and position of the thermostat must be carefully planned before you start. In addition, you need a highly qualified electrician to make the electrical connections to the thermostat.

Q: Can this heating system be used under laminate/wooden floors?
A: Our system has been specifically designed for undertile, laminate flooring, and wooden floors applications. However, using the product under real wood or carpet floor coverings is not recommended.

Q: Why can't I turn my heating system on as soon as the tiles are down?
A: Please don’t turn on the heating system before the tile adhesive or grout is fully cured and dry. Otherwise, the moisture will be forced out too quickly and crack problem may happen. If you have a concrete substrate, make sure it is completely dry before installing the heating mat.