Major Advantages of Senphus Electric Underfloor Heating

1. Smart regulation: You will no longer feel cold in the bathroom every morning, as our smart thermostat can automatically keep the bathroom at a comfortable temperature you need. Starting your day in a warm cozy environment is so easy!

2. Suitable for people of all ages: The elderly have no need to worry about problems that occur when using air conditioning, such as dizziness, cold legs and feet. In addition, with our underfloor heating system, your lovely babies can still happily crawl on the floor despite the fluffy snow outside.

3. Quiet and comfortable: As the electric underfloor heating system works quietly, there will be no noisy air conditioning fan, water flow, flying dust, drying problems, etc.

4. Space saving: Unlike air conditioning or heating radiator that occupies much valued space of your room, our heating system only leaves a thermostat with only the size of the light switch on the wall, and you can see nothing else.

5. No maintenance for years: Even if our products have been continuously used for two or three cold winters, users still need to do no maintenance.

6. Safe and reliable: Made using mature technology and qualified material, our products offer a high level of safety and reliability.

7. Low power consumption, money saving: The electric underfloor heating system uses less energy than air conditioning and domestic boiler. In addition, the electricity is cheaper than other non-renewable energy. When customers go to work during the day, they can set the heating system to a power saving mode, which also helps reduce the electricity cost.

8. Long lifespan: Our heating cable has a long lifespan of over 50 years, and it comes with a ten-year maintenance warranty.